About us


A brand who's mission is to represent what women can do without changing who they are; was created by Rosemary Gutierrez, a young Latina woman who's own journey of self discovery led her to the biggest passion of her life -Candles. With SoyYo Candle co. she is able to express her inner beauty and connect with humans who are on the same path.


"Soy Yo, directly translates to 'it's me'. 

 and it's me I see in the reflection of glistening, melting wax when lighting her candles.

 It's me I see in her, in her drive and journey. A Latina, a go-getter and a master at her craft. 

 Rosemary, SoyYo is a reflection of us. 

Thank you for it." 

 - @orquidiasnegras  | Founder of @Pimpmyset / Friend